Ferguson and Riots

While the world is transfixed on the images that continue to come out of Ferguson, one has to remember that riots aren’t unique to blacks, criminal justice, or America

Facebook Users In Richmond (2012 Edition)

I’m a numbers nerd (shocking revelation, I know). Every now and then it’s interesting to look into the numbers of something like Facebook to see how it’s growing locally, especially when considering it’s place as a social platform for campaigns and non-profits and as an area to invest time and dollars. So how does Facebook…

Social Media Spending in the Presidential Election

One graphic really says it all: 10-1. Barack Obama didn’t just lap Mitt Romney in online spending, he clobbered him. $47 million compared to $4.7 million. But, hey, that’s gotta be an improvement over 2008, right? It sure is!

SMCRVA: What’s up with blogs?

July’s SMCRVA featured a discussion on how brands can leverage local influencers and also included a taping about what’s up with blogs featuring Ross Catrow of RVANews, Alex Iwashyna of Late Enough, Kate Hall of Richmond Mom, Jennifer Lemons of JenniferLemons.com and yours truly. It’s a great clip showing the variety of voices in blogging…

Affordable Housing Awareness Week April 23rd – 28th

This week marks Affordable Housing Awareness Week. Over the next week, 15 local non-profit housing organizations are working together to address safe and affordable housing in Richmond, not only in bringing awareness to the issue but to encourage area professionals to get involved with groups that support these causes.

From The Archives 4/16

As I rebuild J’s Notes I’m picking up pieces of the old site and putting them back on here. It’s going to be a long process (11+ years of material, some years busier than others) but it’s kinda nice to go back and see what I used to talk about. It’ll probably get weirder the…

Facebook Users In Richmond UPDATED

In the process of rebuilding J’s Notes I’m digging through the past and figuring out what brilliant thoughts remain brilliant and what thoughts are best left in the past. One post that made the cut is a February, 2009 bit that gave a breakdown of Facebook users in Richmond. While it wasn’t so long ago,…