One year later and I’m still here. J’s Notes started August 7th, 2001 as a joke. I thought, “hey, I’ll do a completely tacky, self serving, funny site for a few days for laughs.” I was bored. It was something to do. I guess I was bored for a long time because, eventually, the site became permanent and a bit more serious. Well, serious in that I was going to keep it and put it to some use other than saying “Jason rules”.

J’s Notes went from links with comments, to just links, to comments, to arm chair punditry, back to links with comments to whatever it is today, a combination of all of the above. A little personal, a lot links, J’s Notes is nothing more than one of many metablogs with whatever links I cull from other sites.

Or is it? There are at least four other blogs that exist thanks to J’s Notes that I can think of. Yeah, they’re all friends of mine, but, still, consider it internet offspring. Lots of folks visit my site by accident, searching whatever random thing on Google and somehow getting my page, but there are at least twenty unique hits everyday from people who come to J’s Notes for J’s Notes. Yea!

Elin Nordegren and Instapundit handed J’s Notes some validity, bringing in over 30000 hits in one month. J’s Notes became the one stop site for all things Nordegren (until the popularity died and I committed her to the past). My brief, though misguided comments, about the situation in the Middle East brought more legitimate visitors to this site in one day than it had ever gotten in an entire month. I had to up the amount of posts shown on the opening page from fifteen to twenty just to show the last two days’ posts, I was that prolific for a while.

Twelve months, however many formats and at least five designs later, here we are. I don’t post as often as I used to, a combination of motivation and lack of constant net access bringing the one-two punch there. I don’t get as personal as I used to, more through inability to express what I’m thinking at the moment and, truthfully, not wanting to sound all pathetic. I don’t get as political as I used to because the toll it was taking on me was too much, I was getting too worked up, too angry over things. I don’t get as many hits as I used to, but I think that’s more from my lack of updates leading to a lower ranking on Google searches which means what you’re seeing is a more accurate portrayal of my worthwhile visits.

But, ultimately, I’m still here. And I plan on being here for a while, truthfully. You’re not going to get rid of me that easily. Yeah.

Happy birthday, J’s Notes.

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