Facebook Users In Richmond

Inside Facebook has some interesting numbers on Facebook’s overall users and growth as of late.  What used to be limited to college kids has grown into something much more and it’s interesting to see how Facebook has evolved and will continue to evolve over the next year or so as it goes through these growing pains.

But seeing this made me think to take another peek at Facebook data for Richmond users.  I do this once in a while more for personal reference than anything but I figure some other people may be interested in the data as well.  All figures come from the Facebook Ad targeting system so they aren’t 100% accurate but do represent a good snapshot for RVA’s Facebook usage.

Total Facebook Users In Virginia: 1,794,480

Facebook Users In Richmond: 193,240

13-17 – 18,620
18-25 – 76,820
26-35 – 50,580
36+ – 43,320

Male – 77,690
Female – 108,520
Unidentified – 7,080

In High School – 18,780
In College – 31,960

  • VCU – 17,300
  • University of Richmond – 2,640
  • Virginia Union – 80
  • Virginia State – 360

College Grad – 22,800

Relationship Status
Single – 50,800
Relationship – 33,500
Engaged – 6,140
Married – 52,300

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