Using Blogsy for the first time

So my wife was awesome enough to get me an iPad Mini for my birthday today and one of the first things I wanted to use it for was blogging. J's Notes has just been looking so lonely lately and with the re-launch of The Jeffersoniad I really needed to dust off the ol' blogging chops and do more writing.

So to help with that I researched a few apps and decided to make the investment in Blogsy. At first blush e interface is nice. It looks like it'll work well with WordPress, especially the bells and whistles The Jeffersoniad has built in. Some limitations when it comes to custom fields, but maybe I'm asking too much from an iPad in that regard.

So please bear with me as I get back into the swing of things and take a moment to check out the newly redesigned The Jeffersoniad for some great content from some of Virginia's best bloggers.


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