Affordable Housing Awareness Week April 23rd – 28th

This week marks Affordable Housing Awareness Week. Over the next week, 15 local non-profit housing organizations are working together to address safe and affordable housing in Richmond, not only in bringing awareness to the issue but to encourage area professionals to get involved with groups that support these causes.

One of the events this week is a blogger luncheon hosted by H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunities Made Equal) and featuring a panel of some well known area bloggers (and me). The panel will discuss how housing is connected to jobs, transportation, education and entrepreneurship. The event is open to the public but RSVPs are required to attend. If you’re in the area, please join us Tuesday at noon in downtown Richmond.

If you can’t attend, you can still help. While the panel will address many issues and angles that impact housing, you can offer your thoughts on a couple questions and I’ll work to incorporate them into the discussion. All thoughts are welcome as this is a topic relevant not just to Richmond or only one side of the political spectrum. The more voices we can include in the conversation, the more we’ll have to work with to help find solutions.

1) How can we help the market be more responsive to housing needs?

2) Housing, jobs and transportation are very inter-related. What do we need to look at in terms of aligning these three?

Everything Old Is New Again

Hey, where’s J’s Notes?

Here it is! Kinda. See, J’s Notes got to be kinda a mess. Not just because it had over ten years (serving up some J~ since 2001!) of junk but because at some point in the past it’d been hacked, attacked, and otherwise just messed up with pharma bots, spam bots, skynet bots and just any bot you can name. It was like a magnet for bots. I blame the coolness. It was just too cool for the internet.

All of that said, having such a mess of a backend that required clean-up was as good an excuse as any to just say fine, let’s reboot this baby and sally forth!

The old stuff isn’t completely gone. It’s tucked away in the database, waiting for me to dust it off and dig up the most interesting thoughts I’ve had through the years and re-release them as still interesting and amazing posts.

So I guess saying “pardon the dust” would be an understatement. More like “pardon the ruins.” But no worries, the amazing thoughts of J~ will be back one way or another. And hopefully for the better!