Jason’s Brilliant New Social Network: Jasonverse

Filing this under “brilliant ideas I’m going to trademark but never develop because I’m broke”:


Yes! You need ONE MORE! Or three more. Hear me out!

I call it Jasonverse. For lack of a better working title.

Think WritersCafe/YouTube/Flickr meets Foursquare meets Klout. You post a story/video/picture and share with your friends and the world. As you post you earn points and badges and the like. But you also earn actual physical REWARDS. For example:

“Congrats on posting your first story. Download Jason Kenney’s ’10 ways to edit your story to wow someone’s pants off’ for free! Normally a $1,000 value!”


“Congrats on posting your fifth sci-fi video. Take your pick of one of the following sound effects to use in your next project! Normally a $10 value.”

Stuff like that. Give people REAL rewards for sharing content. And build it up. The more they add, the bigger the rewards:

“Congrats on sharing your 70,000th word! That’s enough writin’ to make a book! Publish through Lulu and your proof copy is FREE! Normally a value of up to $25″


“Wow, that’s a lotta movies you’ve shared. 100?!?!!! Crazy! Here, use Adobe Movie Awesomeness to make your 101st! FREE! Normally an astronomical value.”

Work with sponsors who are willing to give away tastes of their stuff and sneak in upsells:

“Like this sound effect? Buy the package for only $25. Special deal for Jasonverse members only!”

Yeah, there are still badges to put all over the site to show your awesomeness. But the more you use the site, the more you get to help hone your craft, whether it’s filming or photography or writing.

Then include an evil ToS that makes all the results my property and make TENS OF DOLLARS ON THE RESULTS! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

But, yes, brilliant idea. I’m seeking venture capital starting NOW.

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