Writing About Writing Isn’t Writing And Blogging About Writing Isn’t Writing Either

But I am writing

Transcribing chicken scratch.

Many years ago I found myself wanting to get back into writing so I picked up a daily diary/planner Moleskine and challenged myself to fill a page a day. Made it about six weeks before I fell off. But it helped inspire some stories that I did finish that year before falling into the regular routine of life and not making the time to write much.

Fast forward to 2019 and I figured I’d try again. I picked up an 18 month journal back in November and since then I have filled about a page a day with a couple gaps of a day or so here and there, but I’ve largely held myself to one page a day, 5-6 days a week. Nothing high art, I’m revisiting characters I’ve played with for nearly twenty years now (woah dang, 20 years?!!). But the challenge is to get decades of stories out of my head and on to paper. Even if they never get past that. It’s my creative outlet. Helps calm a busy day. Stuff like that.

It’s helping trigger the creative juices at the right time as well, because a friend of my reached out earlier this year and said, hey, we should work on something together. So I said sure. And now there’s a tease:

Take a moment and go enjoy Jericho Vilar’s work over at IRUINCLASSICS and his Instagram. You’ll see that I’m truly lucky to have such a talented dude to work with.

So I guess stay tuned. Because not everything that goes into this notebook is going to stay there.

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