Boing Boing On “The Cult Of The Amateur”

And not just in their own words.

Clay Shirky defends the Internet (6.21.07)

The internet is impurifying our precious bodily fluids, Mandrake (7.6.07)

Shirky explains why Keen is a Luddite (7.9.07)

The last link discusses Clay Shirky’s essay “Andrew Keen: Rescuing ‘Luddite’ from the Luddites” which takes Cult author Andrew Keen and Michael Gorman (who I linked to here) to task for saying they’re pro technology, anti its current application.

I’m still reading the book so I can’t say but so much about the arguments quite yet. I’m still bothered by Keen’s insistence on the internet’s negative impact on the music industry but most of his take on blogging and its impact on mainstream media sounds right on to me.