Marvel x Penguin Classics is the collab we’ve been waiting for.

What if… Marvel comics were being anthologized by Penguin Classics? Wonder no further, for that day is here! This morning, the publisher announced their new series, the Penguin Classics Marvel Collection, which means that Jane Eyre and Dorian Gray can share a shelf with some of the most iconic sup


9/11 At Twenty

It was about this time 20 years ago that I returned to the office with a co-worker to hear the South Tower had collapsed.

The office was less than 3 blocks from the White House where we’d headed out of morbid curiosity about thirty minutes before, arriving to Lafayette Park in time to see officers yelling for everyone to get back, they were clearing up to two blocks around the White House.

15 minutes prior, Flight 93 crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Otherwise it was aiming for DC, the Capitol or the White House, for about during that time, that window when dumb me had to rubberneck because sitting there watching the TV felt helpless.

Last year was the first time I got all of my 9/11 day-of thoughts down in one place. 19 years after the fact. Not sure why it took that long.

And of course there are parts missing, either forgotten or purposefully omitted or dismissed because so many others were really *THERE* and who am I to memorialize something I just happened to be in the vicinity of.

But, ultimately, to a certain extent, everyone was *THERE* in some way or another. Either there at the Towers or Pentagon or in New York or DC/NOVA or knew someone who was or watched and thought “what if that were me?” and to varying degrees and emotions felt it.

It’s insane that it’s been 20 years already. To remember there was a time before and what that was like.

Remember, folks. Remember those who were lost. Remember those who survived. The families, the heroes. Remember the lessons. Remember that few don’t define the many. And remember that when some are at their worst there are so many of us who will be at their very best.

Be safe, y’all.