Quarantine Day 13?

Sammy broke out the book from his How to Draw Comic Books kit he got for Christmas.

He spent the better part of the afternoon on one part, huffing’ and fussin’ as he drew and erased and got frustrated because it wasn’t matching what was in the book.

I sat with him a little bit, not as long as I’d have liked, but we started over together and I told him the guy that wrote the book wasn’t five, it took him a long time to get that good, and I bet when he was five he couldn’t draw as well as Sammy can. Heck, Sammy was doing better than I could ever do, let alone at five.

He seemed to like that part. “When you were five you couldn’t draw?” Not as well as you can. “You probably could only do a stickman.” He kept working at it as I got busy with something else and a bit later he gave me this. It’s not like what was in the book, but it’s Sammy’s and it’s pretty darn good.

We’re almost two weeks into this social distancing and it’s awesome seeing the boys and their personalities and differences play out all day every day in ways we miss when they’re at school and we’re at work. And Sammy’s creativity consistently amazes me, this kid’s imagination and artistic streak is so cool. Now to keep encouraging it.


The 5 y.o.’s latest favorite song is Josh Ritter’s cover of Frightened Rabbit’s “Old Old Fashioned.”

One line created a conversation:

🎵So give me soft, soft static🎵
🎵With a human voice underneath🎵

He asked “what’s static?” which is a good question this day and age with everything digital and streaming.

So I also got to introduce him to AM radio.

Now he’ll randomly ask to listen to “static” — not the “static song” which he’s now figured out the name of, but actual static with a voice in the background.

Kids are weird and awesome, y’all.