The New Way To Hack Democracy: How Political Operators Are Impersonating Real Americans To Flood The Government With Fake Comments

Sarah Reeves sat on her couch in Eugene, Oregon, staring at her laptop screen in furious disbelief. She was reading the website of a government agency, where her mother appeared to have posted a comment weighing in on a bitter policy battle for control of the internet. Something was very wrong.


Blogging With Pocket

Well, not exactly blogging. “Updating J’s Notes” is probably a more accurate description. I’ve created an IFTTT applet that pushes through appropriately tagged bookmarks I save in Pocket to J’s Notes. It’s not perfect, but it’s a way of sharing some of the stuff I’ve found interesting with a wider audience. The lack of context may mean I’ll have to update later why I thought it worth sharing (see: Metablogging… – a 2003 writeup on “Writing for the Web” about precisely the kind of blogging I’ve found myself doing more often than not – blogging about blogging) but other times it works alright. Either way, fresh content! You’re welcome.