Something to keep you up at night… Think about this. Pakistan’s going to be helping the United States in the fight against Afganastan (sp?). Now, groups inside of Pakistan, including the Taliban, have already said they will turn on the government if they back the US. So, we have civil war in Pakistan. Here’s the kicker:

Pakistan is a NUCLEAR STATE.

And, if I recall correctly, this will be the first military civil war in a nuclear state. Ever. Not counting military coups (the Soviet Union’s and the one a few months ago in Pakistan among others). So, civil war in a nuclear state in a volitile region.

But wait! There’s more! So, India’s no friend of Pakistan. They’ve been fighting over Kashmir for eternity. Here’s their prime opportunity and cover to move MASSIVE amounts of troops into the region. So, the Pakistan has to respond to this threat. Then there’s the possibility that Afganastan might try to hit Pakistan a wee bit with a couple missiles here and there just to piss them off. So, Pakistan’s in a THREE front war with a nuke in the middle.

Oh, India has the capability to use nuclear weapons too.

Think about that for a bit.

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