Martha Going Back To Jail?

Probably not, but still…

Did Martha break house arrest?

The U.S. Probation Department is investigating whether Martha Stewart violated the terms of her house arrest when she attended a Time magazine dinner last week, The New York Post reported Sunday.

“We’re going to do some investigating to see if this event was directly related to her employment,” Chris Stanton, chief federal probation officer for the Southern District of New York, told the Post.

Stanton’s office, the Post said, had originally approved Stewart’s request to go to the event, which celebrated Time’s 100 Most Influential People issue, a list that included Stewart.

Investigators, the Post said, will want to review the nature of the event and the program and compare it to Stewart’s written request to attend.

The affair included a 90-minute cocktail party; many celebrities were in attendance. Stanton told the Post that Stewart’s attendance must have a “specific and concrete” link to her employment and added that going to a high-profile party simply for publicity or to be seen is “not good enough” justification.

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