How to Make a Quick Buck

Come up with a gimick site that makes folks submit all the content for you and then turn it into a book. And then work on the sequal that deals with the response to your initial gimick.

Hopefully they follow through with their FAQ’s take on what to do with the profits:

What happens to the money from T-shirts, ads and donations?
We understand that we have to tread carefully in the waters of commerce, as this site is about message and not merchandise. Each of these measures was taken in order to cover expenses. After careful consideration, we also figure a T-shirt is a message.

In case you’re wondering if we’re profiteering, all our man-hours have been pro bono so far. If this ever takes up enough of our time that we deem it necessary to pay ourselves, we’ll do it by other means. However, so far, we are barely breaking even on costs. At the time of this writing, we are pushing 350GB/day down the wire. Should any income be left that does not go to our hosting providers (the inimitable and superlative Rackspace), it will be donated to charity.

We are planning to post a complete breakdown of income and expenses on the site, so any doubts left can be resolved. In case there is money to donate, we will investigate a list of charities for how they spend their money and what they stand for, and we’ll publish the list of those selected before we give.

And maybe they’ll work on a follow up and explain how much worse off the world really is now, six months after the re-election.

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