“End Of An Era” Is Right

Snoopy links to a TD report that Julian’s Restaurant is closing its doors after nearly 60 years in business:

Julian’s Restaurant, which has had a location on West Broad Street since 1946, has closed.

The Hickman family shut down the business at 2617 W. Broad St. on Sunday night to concentrate on its other restaurant at 11129 Three Chopt Road in Henrico County.

“My parents have been doing this a long time, and it was such a huge burden having the two restaurants,” said Cathy Hughes, the daughter of Dennis and Agnes Hickman, who own the business with their son, Robert.

The family has another reason for closing — a contract to sell the building.

“We’re in the early stages, but it is a good contract,” Hughes said.

The West Broad Street location filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2004 because of mounting debt stemming from a city meals-tax payment dispute.

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