RVA Blog Carnival I

Welcome to the first installment of the Richmond VA Blog Carnival, wrapping up a bunch of happenings in RVA for the week of August 7-13.

Allow me to start by providing a bit of mood music. Check out Richmond’s very own David Schultz. I’ve become quite the fan as of late.

Now for the carnival!

Don gives some insight into Richmond’s very own (and literal) money pit and the inability of city politicians to take a stand on the issue.

F.T. Rea speaks of evil (and it’s not the metric system) and how the fear it creates is used politically.

The Richmond Business and Commercial News blog notes out that RVA is #6 on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Cities to Find a Job. Kudos to Richmond.

Brick isn’t too keen on Richmond Magazine’s listing of Joe’s Inn as Best Neighborhood Takeout Joint and Best Place for Weekday Breakfast. Personally, I’m with Susan, at least with her take on Best Thai.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Duane’s “A Painting A Day” you’re really missing out. Last week saw what I thought was a really great piece: Chinese Candy No.2. I may not know art, but I know what I like.

Snoopy has delicious tomatos and is willing to share, but woe be onto you who dare try and steal a bunch.

Did you catch Dave Chappelle this weekend? Chris did and mentions a few others who maybe should have passed.

J.C. Whitmore was not only well prepared for Sunday’s Carytown Watermelon Festival but also provided some great advice to help you folks at home on your way. Then he took a slew | of | pictures. Jorje was there too..

And a whole lot more happened too, but I’ll let you all find that for yourselves. Best place to start? RVABlogs!

Thanks for checking out this installment of the RVA Blog Carnival. If you’d like to host a future edition, e-mail me at jasonkenney@gmail.com and keep an eye on the BlogCarnival.com page for upcoming carnivals.

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