Links for February, 2008

Ripping a ten song CD could end up costing you up to $1.5 million
 if the RIAA and Rep. Conyers (D-MI) have their way.

Global Warming’s greatest threat: ZOMBIES!

Microsoft vs. Yahoo! – Earlier this week Microsoft announced an aggressive buyout bid of Yahoo! valued at $44 billion.  CNet News has put the two companies Web 2.0 properties side by side to see which products might win out in a merger.

iPhone Vs. Semi: a draw?

Can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman?

Warner Music’s business plan – Step 1: Report Loss. Step 3: Give Bonus.

Books that make you dumb.

News Corp. might be looking to merge with Yahoo! too.

TMZ is reporting that the medical examiner has ruled that Heath Ledger’s death was caused by “acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine.”

Spice Gun NOT for hunting Spice Girls – BAM!  You just shot some flavor into that dish!

YouTube banned Santeri Ojala’s account earlier this week after copyright infringement complaints.  His videos mash guitar rockin’ footage with his purposefully bad playing skills with pretty funny results.  Never fear, though, WIRED has the videos here.

Charles Fawcett passed away on February 3rd at the age of 92:

When the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939 Fawcett joined the Polish army but had been in barracks for only a week before escaping from the advancing Nazis and hitchhiking back to Paris. When the French rejected his application to enlist, Fawcett joined the Section Volontaire des Américains – the ambulance corps.

He was sharing a studio with another young American, Bill Holland, whose mother was a German aristocrat. One of Holland’s relatives, General Otto von Stülpnagel, had been appointed commander-in-chief of occupied France, and when Holland introduced Fawcett to senior German officers he was able to pass important information to the French Resistance.

In Paris Fawcett also took part in the rescue of a group of British prisoners-of-war who had been placed under French guard in a hospital ward by the Germans. By impersonating a German ambulance crew, Fawcett and a comrade marched in at 4am and ordered the French nurses to usher the PoWs out into the yard. “Gentlemen,” he announced as he drove them away, “consider yourself liberated.”

“You’re a Yank,” said a British voice.

“Never,” came Fawcett’s lilting southern burr, “confuse a Virginian with a Yankee.”

Fascinating life.  (h/t Kottke)

Recommended Reading: Harry Frankfurt’s “On Bullshit”

All the web designing cheat sheets you might ever need.  (via Kottke)

All natural male enhancement, mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering in one little pill thanks to Enzyte.

Immigration becomes less and less an issue every day.  A report by the Public Policy Institute of California says that foreign-born folks aren’t more likely to beat you up.  In fact, it looks like the opposite.  (h/t Doug)

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Roger Clemens was totally at that bitchin’ party Jose Canseco threw and he is so busted.  Because, you know, the government doesn’t have better things to do.

Is suburbia the next slum?

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