Seventeen Years Of (Not) Blogging

Seventeen years is a long time.

August 7, 2001 J’s Notes was born with a post that set the tone for mindless updates of random links for the first however many months of its existence. Then a lot of on again and off again restarts through the years. But here it stands.

Seventeen years is a long time. 22 is way different than 39. A month before September 11th compared to now is not the same world in so many ways.

By and large the old content is gone, long since removed because twenty-something Jason is someone today’s Jason would be yelling at to get off his lawn. Also most of the cool links are long dead. But I’m going to filter through the old stuff and dig up a few gems to bring back as interesting snapshots of not just my thoughts through time but of what seems to be so important back in the day.

So to celebrate 17 years, here are a few posts from the archives represented in amazing JASON-O-VISION (which is a lot like any other vision:

2002-09-27: Speak Loudly and Watch For That Big Stick – The IMF came to town, I had to get to work, and there were protesters in the way. So I took some pictures.

2005-04-30: Times-Dispatch on Blogging – “The audience just has to realize that a blog is more akin to the op-ed page of their newspaper as opposed to the front page,” I said.

2009-03-02: Newspapers: Adapt or Die – I should take a critical look at posts like this nearly a decade later and see if any of the thoughts hold up…

2010-06-04: Virtually Farming For Public Relations or How Not To Game The System – Remember when “gamification” was all the rage? Remember the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Remember when the two almost met? Yeah…

2014-07-25: Email Fundraising and the Fine Art of Shaming – “Join us” is infinitely more positive than “Don’t abandon us.”

UPDATE: Speaking of how the world’s changed, there’s this tweet from today showing the difference in how we watch things from 2002 to 2018:

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