Some Of The Best Best Of Lists Of 2018

Lists on Lists on Lists

The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2018

National Geographic’s Best Photos of 2018

An abandoned home in the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, near the Guatemalan city of Escuintla, after a June volcanic eruption. (Daniele Volpe – TIME)

TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Photos of 2018

Barack Obama’s Favorite Books/Movies/Songs of 2018

Longreads Best of 2018

The Species That Went Extinct In 2018

52 Things Kent Hendricks Learned in 2018

5. You ascend spiral stairs in a clockwise direction. This design dates back to medieval times. It’s a defense against attackers. A right-handed attacker would be holding their sword in their right hand, making him less mobile and agile than the defender facing down the stairs. (Wikipedia)

Reuters Pictures of the year 2018

Pitchfork’s 50 Best Albums of 2018

52 Things Tom Whitwell Learned in 2018

15. No known machine learning system can reliably tell a bird from a bicycle when a human is trying to trick the system. [Tom B Brown]

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