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Bit by bit I’m using an old archive of J’s Notes to review content from the last nearly TWENTY YEARS (good gravy!) and reposting it here.

How much content? The version of J’s Notes you’re viewing now has 294 published posts. The J’s Notes Archive has 3,785 posts.

Not all of those are going to survive the transition. Content may no longer be relevant, may be embarrassing (I’ve grown at least a little bit in the last 20 years), may have been an image that’s just not around anymore, etc. I’m filtering. It’s for your own good.

It’s quite an adventure, traveling down memory lane and seeing what interested me, my opinion on things, my writing that, I think, has gotten better through the years, etc.

Admittedly the biggest challenge isn’t filtering through my embarrassing myself in my 20s (that’s easy to filter) — it’s the links.

So much of my blogging has been what was one time called “metablogging” – resharing of links of other blogs or articles and sites collected from around the internet. It’s the exact kind of blogging that Twitter and Facebook easily replaced. Find a neat link? Just share it!

The thing is, there are a LOT of dead websites out there. Or, especially in the case of news sites, URLs have changed and the old links no longer point to anything.

Thank goodness for the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine.

As I repopulate J’s Notes the archive on the sidebar will start filling in more. I’ll also share some notable reblogs in my “Links For…” posts. I’ve also started pulling out links related to naval gazing on blogging through the years and the transition to Social Media as it was viewed by me and adding them to a page here. Will append with links to my thoughtful posts as notations. This may only be fascinating to me, but that’s true of most things I’m into.

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