DARK FORT LANE (a solo rpg)

THE SUBURBAN DAD enters the stage.

Thus begins the slightly adapted version of DARK FORT, the solo/micro game that became MÖRK BORG. Grab a handful of dice, a pencil and paper and begin your perilous delve into DARK FORT LANE, a Grimdad Saga in the Pre-Apocalyptic Suburbs.

Can you complete all of the errands before you run out of patience? Or will your NEIGHBORS derail your efforts to return to your MAN CAVE to await the 7th Misery?

Get it now on itch.io!

One thought on “DARK FORT LANE (a solo rpg)”

  1. Damn, I’ve been avoiding itch.io since I first started listening to the Yes Indie’d Pod, and now you’ve sucked me in. Love the game’s Grimdad premise and weaponizing dad jokes, but I’m unfamiliar with MÖRK BORG. Is that an obstacle?

    I also see you have some “unauthorized” work up there, which makes me think maybe I should post my Encounters: Shadowrun solo rules? Thanks for the new rabbit hole! O_o

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