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An abandoned home in the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, near the Guatemalan city of Escuintla, after a June volcanic eruption. (Daniele Volpe – TIME)

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52 Things Kent Hendricks Learned in 2018

5. You ascend spiral stairs in a clockwise direction. This design dates back to medieval times. It’s a defense against attackers. A right-handed attacker would be holding their sword in their right hand, making him less mobile and agile than the defender facing down the stairs. (Wikipedia)

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15. No known machine learning system can reliably tell a bird from a bicycle when a human is trying to trick the system. [Tom B Brown]

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Random links for random times.

1. “I don’t recall exactly when my phone became such a festival of stress and psychological trauma, but here we are.”

We are reaching a point of no return, when it comes to information collection, if we have not already gone beyond it. Cameras and screens, microphones and speakers. Capture your face and your voice and your friends’ faces and voices and where you are and what’s in your email and where you were when you sent it and… What did you say? Click, here’s an ad. And where did you go? Click, here’s an ad. Who were you with? Here’s an ad. What did you read here’s an ad how do you feel here’s an ad are you lonely here’s an ad are you lonely here’s an ad are you lonely?

But Mat Honan says the Google Pixel 3 is still a very good phone.

2. Can how you use your phone determine your state of mind? There’s an app for that.

Once a patient installs Mindstrong’s app, it monitors things like the way the person types, taps, and scrolls while using other apps. This data is encrypted and analyzed remotely using machine learning, and the results are shared with the patient and the patient’s medical provider.

The seemingly mundane minutiae of how you interact with your phone offers surprisingly important clues to your mental health, according to Mindstrong’s research—revealing, for example, a relapse of depression.

3. As Sears files for bankruptcy there are a lot of reflections on the company’s impact on American life. One that’s stood out is Louis Hyman’s Twitter thread on how radical the Sears catalog was in the era of Jim Crow:

Every time a black southerner went to the local store they were confronted with forced deference to white customers who would be served first…

The stores were not self-service, so the black customers would have to wait. And then would have to ask the proprietor to give them goods (often on credit because…sharecropping). The landlord often owned the store. In every way shopping reinforced hierarchy. Until #Sears…

The catalog undid the power of the storekeeper, and by extension the landlord. Black families could buy without asking permission. Without waiting. Without being watched. With national (cheap) prices!

4. “Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it” – Hannah Arendt

Bobulate: Margins

Scrapbooks make me nervous. Diaries, even more so. In a childhood bedroom in Scranton, still, piles of my unfinished diaries sit on a shelf. Unlocked — no need for security — blank pages. Empty. Started, never in earnest, the entries were more interesting as fancy penmanship practice rather than as content. Stories trailed off, while the cursive z’s in my name: perfection.

Bobulate: Margins

Friday Five for March 19th

Back in the early days of blogging (well, not early early but early 2000s) there was a meme running around called the Friday Five. I forget the exact history of it and I’m sure there were a few concurrent sites or groups running their own thing, but it existed. It was kinda fun. The one I was following stopped at some point and the world was a sadder place.

Feeling nostalgic, I thought I’d look around and see if anyone’s doing Friday Five still. And the answer was yes. A lot of people are. Sheesh. seems like a good one, though. so let’s give it a go, shall we?

For this week’s questions, how about giving a thoughtful (or sarcastic, or whatever) answer to these too-oft-asked chit-chat questions?

Can do. And, to make things more interesting, my answers will be in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

1. “Come here often?”
When I get in the mood but not nearly as often as I used to.

2. “What’s new?”
The Apple iPad, which is due for release next month.
Not much, man, just hanging out, same old stuff, you know. How about you? Family OK?

3. “[insert your recent weather condition here] enough for ya?”
Ha ha, don’t you know it? I mean, sheesh, when will it end, ya know?

4. “How’s it hangin?”
Well, you know, weather and all being what it is, can’t really tell.

5. “How ’bout them [insert local sports team here]?”
You see that mascot of theirs? I swear, someone wasn’t thinking when they came up with that one.
I’m not a big communist kickball fan.


I created this blog today for random stuff. I figure I can use it as an outlet for whatever. I use Blogger for a bunch of other sites and I figured one for random notes from me would be cool, be they links or mindless ramblings..

Speaking of links, here are two I’ve found today that rule. The Freak Watcher’s Textbook catalogues all sorts of freaks native to Royal Oak, Michigan.’s Webcam Theatre is a great spot to watch grass grow or paint peel. Really.

Okay, I’m out for now.