A Blogging Code of Ethics?

The Conglomerate has some thoughts:

[I]f Gordon and I came up with a code of ethics (and surely we could come up with a better list than Mr. Cohen’s check sources/note conflicts/post corrections list), I don’t think that anything additional would happen to me if an unethical action of mine breached the code. Right now, if it came to light that W.R. Hambrecht was paying me to argue night and day about online IPO auctions (I wish), I think I would feel the heat whether or not I had a code conspicuously posted on my blog.

A code without a governing body to enforce it is useless. And I think you’d be hesitant to see any bloggers willing to submit themselves to a body should one be formed. It’d change what blogs are, commentary on news and events with some reporting, into straight forward news outlets of which we have many. When’s the last time a columnist was held to any real code of ethics for making outlandish comments? Does Ted Rall submit to a code of ethics? Sean Hannity?

Update: Though I do have to admit that the idea of creating a Blogs Code Authority stamp like the old Comic Code Authority one and slapping it on my site is running through my mind…

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