Jason Come Lately

A Bloggers’ Bill Of Rights?

We, the inhabitants of the Blogosphere, do hereby proclaim that bloggers everywhere are entitled to the following basic rights:



1.) If an employer wishes to discipline an employee because of his/her blog, it must first establish clear-cut blogging policies and distribute these to all of its employees.
2.) Blogging employees shall be given warning before being disciplined because of their blogs.
3.) NO ONE shall be fired because of his/her blog, unless the employer can prove that the blogger did intentional damage to said employer through the blog.

Blogophobic companies, who violate the Bloggers’ Bill of Rights, will be blacklisted by millions of bloggers the world over.

Whatever happened to responsible blogging on the part of the blogger? I’m sorry, but most jobs I’ve had in the past have 1) required me to not discuss company politics or inner workings outside of the company as per a contract and 2) been “at will”, being Virginia and all. If I divulge company secrets, I’m a goner. And that’s fair, because I should know better. There are competitors out there that thrive off of this kind of information, and if I’m just going to give this stuff away then I shouldn’t expect any sort of job security. Whether or not they explicitly tell me not to share it. Common sense has to kick in at some point, folks.

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