3rd Street Diner

Brandon Eats was less than impressed with the “new” 3rd Street Diner and points out that her article in Style Weekly agrees says it all:

It’s a whole lot cleaner but a whole lot more depressing at the same time. The overall décor is “new dive” and not in a hip, knowing sense, but in the sense that this kind of décor could attract the sort of customer who will quickly burn holes all over the tables, leave hypodermics in the bathroom and transform it into an actual dive in no time flat.

And then they pan the food and service and rightfully so. I hit the place up with a couple friends a few weeks back around 7 in the evening so there was no dinner crowd and no middle of the night issues to deal with. Not only was the food way below par but the service left me uninspired. My food arrived a full ten minutes before the rest of my party when what they had ordered didn’t need to take so long. Maybe I’d have enjoyed my meal a bit more if it were warm but I don’t intend on returning to find out. I might have to start hitting the 4th St. Diner, which was bad the last time I went but not this bad…

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