Coronavirus: Day 52

I miss my friends. And going out.

The thing is, I didn’t exactly get out much to spend a whole lot of time with friends prior to the whole social distancing, stay-at-home, avoid the plague thing.

I guess I more miss having the ability to see my friends and go out and do things.

Or not having the ability because of regular day-to-day things, not ‘rona stuff.

Virginia is on course to begin Phase 1 of reopening May 15th which will mean something, I guess. Not sure what’s being seen in the numbers behind the scenes because on their face we’re still seeing way low testing in the state, nearly 1,000 new cases a day, and a doubling of deaths over the last two weeks in numbers that took nearly six weeks to get to to begin with. But maybe this is the worst of it. For now.

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