Coronavirus: Day 56

It’s been eight weeks, folks…

Discovered JQBX and am loving it. Reminds me of which was a fun site almost a decade ago.

Funny enough, Vice published an article YESTERDAY about Turntable with folks longing for it and a good history of it’s rise and fall. Seems it’s fall was a consequence of going legit:

Unlike many startups, the site also made a point of properly licensing its music, which required legal and engineering infrastructure that was expensive for a young company with a user base around the size of the population of New Orleans. Further, initial deals with U.S. record labels forced the site to remain stateside.

“The actual major hit was closing international traffic and needing to lock down to the U.S. after securing our label deals,” said Chasen. “We then spent the next couple years trying to get the deals needed to open internationally. It was a move that was ultimately costly both in time and money.”

Hey, remember nearly EIGHT WEEKS AGO back when this whole “I miss places” thing began and there were all of those folks writing articles and Twitter threads about how this time at home would be a great opportunity to learn a new language or write a book or discover a new hobby or one of those other millions of things folks with free time can do? Haven’t heard much out of them lately.

Funny enough, McSweeney’s posted and article YESTERDAY about wishing one could be more productive during this time they’ve spent cursed by a sea witch.

When I was initially transformed into a repulsive sea polyp by Ursula the Sea Witch, I admit to being more than a little shocked. One moment I was a carefree mer-person swimming and siren-singing; the next I was a hideous sea plant held captive in an undersea lair. Still, I knew I had to come to terms with my plight if I was going to survive. So instead of falling into despair and hopelessly waiting for her spell to break, I vowed to focus my energy on completing personal projects.

But now, eight weeks later, I am starting to feel guilty about not using my time spent cursed more productively.

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