Links for 2/25/2021

Yes, I’m a nerd” edition

“One of my goals with this shop and in general is to be the poster boy for Magic: The Gathering and show kids how cool this game is and show them it’s dope, nothing to be ashamed of or hide from your friends.” Meet the NFL linebacker turning his love of Magic: The Gathering into a business

“So, for the price of an entire house, you could instead buy a highlight of Zion blocking a shot, that exists only on the internet, and can only be bought and sold on Top Shot.”

“So how do we balance sufficiently rigorous design with a playable and impactful wargaming experience? It starts with a good wargame ecosystem.” Is it a wargame? It doesn’t matter: Rigorous wargames versus effective wargaming

The folks behind Basecamp are testing a simple blogging service integrated into Hey. John Gruber: “Feels like simple stuff — like RSS — is experiencing a renaissance.”

Via Austin Kleon and The Good Enough Parent, Dan Sinker with There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Good’ Parent in a Pandemic:

Every parent wants to be a good parent. And every parent, every day, fails at that because, right now, being a good parent is literally impossible. A fine parent? Maybe. An OK one? Possibly. But a good one? We’re eleven months into a pandemic that sent all our children home, laid waste to jobs, killed a half-million people in this country, and sickened many millions more. Politicians like Ted Cruz ensured it would hurt as much as possible by fighting against public health measures and relief efforts that would have made a difference. So no: a good parent isn’t really an option. We’re all just barely getting by.

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