Links for 2/26/2021

Hallelujah, there’s now a site for stock photos of potato chip sandwiches. (via B3ta)

Draw an iceberg and see how it will float. (via Kottke)

Doomscrolled to this article about doomscrolling and how you can stop it – which seems to mainly be to stop following doom-ish people and get offline once in a while. Winter and COVID would like to have a word with you, Professor Doctor Sir…

Mars sounds.

An Ode to Low Expectations

Strive for excellence, by all means. My God, please strive for excellence. Excellence alone will haul us out of the hogwash. But lower the bar, and keep it low, when it comes to your personal attachment to the world. Gratification? Satisfaction? Having your needs met? Fool’s gold. If you can get a buzz of animal cheer from the rubbishy sandwich you’re eating, the daft movie you’re watching, the highly difficult person you’re talking to, you’re in business. And when trouble comes, you’ll be fitter for it.

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