On The New CDC COVID Guidelines And Not Being A Jerk

On Thursday the CDC released new guidance that says fully vaccinated folks can begin to go about business as normal sans mask.


Of course, there are still local, state, and building based rules and ordinances to follow, but this is a good sign that we’re starting to come out of this. Hooray!

And, of course, because we can’t all be adults, there are people who are eager to strip off their masks despite being unvaccinated and dare people to say anything or ask for their “vaccine passport” (which they’re all too happy to share how to counterfeit) or so they can bully anyone else they see in public wearing as mask. Because, you know, being a jerk is cool or something.

So file this under “I can’t believe this has to be said” but allow me to submit the following:

If you see someone wearing a mask in a situation where you don’t think they’re necessary, mind your own business and move along. They’re not hurting anyone.

But, also, let’s consider this legitimate concern:

(The following is a Twitter thread I’m reposing here because I can.)

The “risk” of the new CDC guidelines is that it relies heavily on personal responsibility and the honor system – if you aren’t vaccinated you should still wear a mask but there’s no way to regulate or enforce so we have to take it on faith.

Sure, there are going to be people who are unvaccinated who take advantage of these lax rules and throw their masks away. They might even identify themselves by being the first to mock anyone who is still wearing a mask.

Don’t be that guy. Get the shot(s), it’s readily available.

If you still want to wear a mask despite being vaccinated that’s fine and understandable. It’s going to take a while to reset from the last 15 months.

But also keep in mind the purpose of masks wasn’t to keep you safe from others but to keep others safe from you. If you’re vaccinated you’re not spreading COVID. You’re now part of the solution.

Ultimately, be safe. Do what you feel you need to do to be safe. And don’t be a jerk to others about it.

Original Twitter thread

Of course, the moment I share this there’s that ONE troll that shows up:

Admittedly, it’s been “authorized” not “approved” by the FDA but that’s a nit folks only pick to be jerks.

This ain’t over yet. The new guidelines are a great sign, but they rely heavily on a responsible public being, well, responsible. And I’d like to believe we can do that. But if the last 15 months have proven anything…

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