Pro Tip In The Time Of COVID #1

PRO TIP: Don’t take reopen advice from any “experts” who:

– 6 weeks ago predicted 20,000 total US deaths

– 4 weeks ago dismissed models as absurd because there was no way New York would reach 12,000 deaths by 4/15 (they reached 11,900)

– Attacks pre-social distancing modeling for showing 100,000-200,000 deaths yet we’re “only” at 58,000 (despite social distancing – and we’re not done yet)

– Generally dismissed COVID-19 as “just the flu”

Now, yes, there is room for taking this seriously AND believing that the extent of social distancing may have gone too far or that we’re at a point where we should consider our options when it comes to taking steps to getting some businesses open and folks back to work, but this was clearly more than “just the flu” and treating it as such would have made things a whole lot worse.

Bonus Tip: Anyone who outright dismissed social distancing from the beginning shouldn’t be listened to on how we should start the process for reopening.