NYT: How Remote Learning Is Breaking Parents

Ross shared this piece in the NYTimes about how parents are struggling to balance working from home with their children’s educational needs:

Parental engagement has long been seen as critical to student achievement, as much as class size, curriculum and teacher quality. That has never been more true than now, and all across the country, moms and dads pressed into emergency service are finding it one of the most exasperating parts of the pandemic.

With teachers relegated to computer screens, parents have to play teacher’s aide, hall monitor, counselor and cafeteria worker — all while trying to do their own jobs under extraordinary circumstances. Essential workers are in perhaps the toughest spot, especially if they are away from home during school hours, leaving just one parent, or no one at all, at home when students need them most.

Once things start to reopen I get the feeling that tutoring is going to be a HUGE boom industry over the Summer.

Now, it certainly could be worse. Those of us who have the means to keep our children engaged and online and doing SOMETHING educational have a huge leg up on families who don’t have the means or infrastructure to access the internet or computer needs to continue education at home. And that’s a disparity that’ll have to be addressed, both when students return to the classroom in the fall and systems figure out how to get everyone back on track but also long term so we can be prepared should something like this happen again.

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